Journalistic Writing

What you see is news, what you know is background, what you feel is opinion.

Lester Markel, American journalist, 1894-1977

I grew up in a house where newspapers always accompanied morning tea. Just sitting next to my father, and discussing world events made me fall in love with the word News.

Over the years, I have worked as an in-house writer, as well as a freelancer for print and online publications. The news pieces that I produced employed extensive research, investigative, interviewing, reporting, writing and editing skills.

The New Indian Express

The link below takes you to an article written for the online version of ‘edex,’ the education section of the New Indian Express, an Indian National Daily. The article required extensive research to find accurate sources and information on the topic, working with PR professionals for setting up interviews with experts and gathering visuals as well as collaborating with the editor-in-chief for developing the story structure, writing and executing the final article.

New America Media

The link below takes you to an in-depth feature story written for New America Media, a local organization, based out of San Francisco. The article required interviewing local business owners and representatives of local and national micro lending institutions, conducting  research on the topic, developing story structure, and drafting the final article.

impact (exchange4media)

impact is a b2b magazine covering the media, marketing and advertising industry in India. The article below analyzes the in-game advertising landscape in India. It studies how advertisers are utilizing gaming  for increasing brand awareness and to have their consumers ‘virtually’ experience their brands. This article required studying the budding in-game advertising industry in India, interviewing experts, gathering data and images, creating story structure and writing the final piece.  Click the link below to read this interesting article.


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