Landing Pages

Here are few examples of landing pages for which I created content and layouts, and assisted in administering the development of graphics and visuals. is a e-commerce site selling bedwetting and toilet training products. Below are examples of landing pages, I developed for the website.

The first link directs to the homepage of the website for which I created the layout and content and oversaw the development of banners and other visuals on the page.

Below is the link to the landing page for Chummie Bedwetting Alarms for which I developed the page structure, created content and scripts for  instructional videos. is a dedicated website for Chummie Bedwetting Alarms and related products used to treat bedwetting in children and adults.

The first link directs to the homepage of the website for which I created content, developed page layout and collaborated with graphic designers for developing banner concepts and provided content for the banners. I was also responsible for developing homepage navigation menu and site map.

The second link takes the user to the product landing page that gives a snapshot of the Chummie product line.  I was responsible for developing the content and collaborating with marketing, graphics and Web teams to develop the layout and achieve successful execution of the page. is a non-profit news website. Below is one of the front page, I created for I was responsible for gathering news from various news website, and posting it to front page using DailySource content management system. My work also involved developing captions and headlines to get greater web hits, and administering the activities of photo and content editors.