Blogs is not only one of the most interesting ways of striking a conversation with your  target audience, but also an effective way of keeping your website constantly engaging and updated.

Chummie Bedwetting Blog

Chummie bedwetting blog is produced by Theos Medical Systems. The blog aims at engaging and informing the consumer. It is one of the most important aspect of company’s inbound marketing strategy that aims at developing original content that attracts the consumer to, maximizes site traffic and ultimately converts those visitors into buyers.

My work involved researching critical topics related to bedwetting and toilet training, performing keyword search and SEO using Yoast, developing content and assigning blog topics to content writing interns, tracking timely completion of assigned tasks and reviewing work for QA initiative prior to publishing.

Here are a few links to some of the blog posts from Chummie Bedwetting Blog.

Bedwetting in Children

Dribbling: Bedwetting Children

Bed-wetting: Can Routines Help?

Eco Cloud Blog

Eco Cloud is a key marketing tool for Sustainable Silicon Valley. The organization leverages this blog to promote its own initiatives as well as those of its partners that vary from government agencies to top educational institutions to tech giants like Google.

Here are some links to the post from Eco Cloud Blog.


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